The entire province of Québec is getting involved in educational success through the Journées de la persévérance scolaire (JPS) which is celebrated every year across fourteen regions of Québec, the 3rd week of February.

Several hundred activities are organized across Québec. With what purpose? Evidently, to mobilize and involve the community to speak to youth about effort, perseverance, the risks of dropping out of school and the advantages of obtaining a diploma. Another goal was to remind the population at large that student retention is everyone’s responsibility and that each young person needs daily encouragement. 

The participating regions:



















Bas-Saint- Laurent



Each region organizes and celebrates the JPS in the way that best suits their needs and thanks to the support and the consultation of local and regional supporters. Held annually during the third week of February, the JPS coincides with a crucial time in the school year to talk about the importance of student retention.

Wearing the Ribbon!

Since 2010, a common symbol unites the supporters of the JPS. Initiated by the CREVALE from the region of Lanaudière, the symbol is adopted today by the IRC. The green and white ribbon is filled with significance and is a bearer of hope.


The green and white ribbon is the expression of a value, a commitment to student retention.
The green symbolizes youth and hope. It represents the youth who need recognition and a sense of value in order to persevere.



The white, a combination of all the colours, is the metaphor for the community that contributes to youth development.

The two ribbons, intertwined represent the link that unites them.

The look, open towards infinity, is the promise of a better future.

To wear the student retention ribbon, is to show one’s commitment to support youth in their efforts and in their educational success.