The work/school balance is the equilibrium between the amount of time the young person works and the tasks related to scholastic endeavors: school, studies, transit, extra-curricular activities, internships, etc. We can speak of a good balance when school takes priority and when the young person allocates an appropriate amount of time to ensure his/her success.

An increasing number of young people choose to work while studying, and this is occurring even earlier in their schooling. These young people form an important part of the labour force for companies, particularly in the service industry. It is essential for Quebec to have qualified and certified young people to actively participate in regional development. Therefore, the employer who hires the students has an important role to play in student retention and it is firstly to make them aware that the IRCs have developed projects to recognize successes and build awareness.

A growing number of employers are looking to contribute in a variety of ways to increasing student retention levels among young people.
To learn more on the different work/school balance programs supported by the regional consulting authorities on student retention and the educational success (IRCs), please visit our map of WORK/SCHOOL BALANCE REGIONAL PROGRAMS.